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Skin Care

Everyone wants to take care of their skin, but not everyone feels that they have the time for taking care of their and the young don’t even think about it. Well let me show you how easy it re…

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Avon Really Cares


We always tell our customers that Avon cares about them. They support Breast Cancer Awareness and Domestic Violence Awareness. And most important, Avon cares about there representatives. With many amazing way to earn money, trips and products, but the newest and most amazing way they are showing that they care about their representatives is through a college education.

That’s right.

Look what Avon is doing now!!!!!
Want to go to college?
Starting today, all Avon Representatives can apply to enroll at Capella University – and application is free! Here are some of the other benefits Avon Representatives will receive with Capella*:
Enrolled Representatives will be eligible to receive a 10% discount on ALL credits.
Enrolled Representatives will be eligible to receive an $8,000 grant to put toward a bachelor’s degree.
If they already have their bachelor’s degree and are working toward a master’s, they will be eligible to receive a $3,000 grant to use toward their Capella graduate program.
Plus, in partnership with Capella, we’ll be awarding 2 full-tuition scholarships to Representatives at RepFest this year.
For Representatives who might not be quite ready to pursue a degree, Capella offers Sophia Learning – self-paced, online courses that will let Representatives earn general education credits on their own schedule and then apply those credits towards their degree program. These courses are a great first step toward earning a college degree while building real-world foundational skills in business, economics, communication, and project management. Avon Representatives can pursue up to two courses at no charge. Any additional courses are available at a special rate of $249 per course.
Go to to learn more about the courses, scholarships, application details.

*Representatives must maintain their Avon accounts to qualify for the tuition discount and Sophia Learning offer. See for all the details
Join my award winning team!
Reference code: tammychappell

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Busy Lives and Skin Care


In our very busy lives, keeping up with our skin care sometimes gets put on the back burner, not by choice. So, how about a way to take it off the back burner and keeping it on the sink where it belongs.

Avon auto replenish sends you a message when it is time to refill your skin care products. And what is amazing, sometimes there is also a sale on your favorite product. How great is that? We care about you and we care about your skin. We care.

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Skin Care


Everyone wants to take care of their skin, but not everyone feels that they have the time for taking care of their and the young don’t even think about it. Well let me show you how easy it really is. The steps are so easy and fit right in to a routine that you don’t even have to really think about it.

Taking care of your skin involves four things; cleanse, moisturize, treat and eyes. Seems like a lot when we say it like this, right. Ok, you are  right. It does. But let me show you how it really isn’t.

Step one can be done while you are in the shower. You cleanse or scrub your face while your shower. While you finish with the rest of your body you are allowing the 15 minutes of allowed time between skincare treatment to take place. Step one done.

Step two can be done when you step out of the shower and towel off. Apply moisturizer to your face. Go and lotion the rest of your body or get dressed or whatever you do when you get out of the shower. Step two is done.

Now Step three and four are done are the same time because it is treat and eyes, that means you apply your treatment to your face and your eye treatment to your eyes and your are do. Step three and four done and your daily skin care is done and your didn’t have to change anything to take care of you.

Now you can go eat your breakfast and drink your coffee then come back and put on your makeup and be ready for the day with the younger you that is staring at you in the mirror because you made her…

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What Is Your Why?


All of us have a reason or a WHY for the things we do in our lives. Why we start the journeys we take. So what is your why?

Mine is simple. I got sick and became unemployable. I needed to help my husband pay the bills and Avon was the answer. Avon doesn’t say you can’t. Avon says Yes You CAN.

I recently turned fifty years old and I can honestly say that with all the journeys that I have taken in the last thirty of those fifty years, Avon is the best journey ever. I can work my business whenever, be available to my family always, and put smiles on so many faces of people I meet everyday.

So, think about what your why is. What do you want and how do you want to get it? Let me help you. Go to and use reference code: tammychappell and join an amazing team of women and a few great men on a fabulous journey to the best happiness of your life.

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happy-birthday (1)

Tomorrow I turn 50 years old. Wow, that is a half a century. Do I feel old? No I don’t. I actually don’t know how to feel. I do know that I have lived. I have so much in my life right now and I am kinda excited to see what the next century brings me.

I am a daughter with one sister and two brothers. Are we close? No, actually we aren’t. I can’t exactly tell you why because in my heart I don’t have the answers to that. We lived and grew up only follow very different and separate paths.

I am a wife to a husband that is very generous, thoughtful and loving but he wasn’t my first husband, he is my second. But I have learned how to be a woman to him and loving to him because that is what he taught me.

I am a mother to five children and two step-children. Are we close? Kinda. Three of them keep in touch daily. Four I follow on social media and watch the paths they take in life and hold them in my heart forever.

I am a grandmother to seven, with six of them having first names start with J. Now sometimes I wonder why my children chose that path but loving them is the same.

I sometimes sit back and think of all the paths I took to get where I am today and I know that each path was a huge lesson to learn. Am I perfect? NO! I am a survivor of all the paths that I took to get here. It happens.

We aren’t born with a book of life to tell us which path we need to chose. We just choose it. Is it always the right one. Absolutely not. But we learn something from each one. I have taken all the mistakes that I have made and I have learned a lot from each one. Have you? I hope so.

Do I feel old? NO!. I feel like a am still young. I am be turning fifty but I am still running down the paths of a child. I am still learning to live and I am still making mistakes but I am living.

So, Happy Birthday to me. I am living and I am loving every minute.

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Avon’s 130 Years

As we have been letting all of you know, this is Avon’s 130th Year in business. Wow! Isn’t that exciting. It is AWESOME to know that your favorite Avon products are always here for you.…

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